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To Provide Superior Customer Service

We Have Compiled a List of Questions and Answers to Assist You


1.     What type of phone line do I need to add postage to my meter?  Does this need to be a dedicated line?

  ANALOG - Digital will not work unless through an LAN.

      Your postage meter has a built in modem to dial POC to add postage to your meter.

  A Dedicated Line is not necessary.

      It only takes approximately 2 minutes to download postage onto your meter.


2.     How do I add postage to my Postage-On-Call (POC) account?

         Connect your meter to an ANALOG phone line or LAN (more secure and faster connection).  Press the refill button.

         The unit will automatically dial POC.

         Once connected you will be prompted for the amount you desire to download.  Proceed as prompted.


neoFunds   This is basically a line of credit for your postage machine.  You download as much postage as you need and then you will be billed at the end of the month from Neopost.


ACH Debit Funds automatically withdrawn from bank account.  Voided check supplied with order.


Checks Mailed to USPS:

                  Your POC Account # MUST BE Written On Your Check.

This will avoid delays and ensure your funds are posted to the correct account.


Regular Mail (Posted in 7-10 Business Days)


                   PO Box 0575

                   Carol Stream, IL  60132


                  Express Mail (Posted in 2-3 Business Days)

                  Postmaster Relationship/Lockbox Processing

                   Attn:  Neopost Lockbox 4715

                   5860 Uplander Way

                   Culver City, CA 90230-6608


3.     What is a POC lock out?  How do I clear a POC Lock Out?

  This message displays when postage has not been downloaded postage to your meter in over 90 days.

  Simply go through the steps of downloading postage to your meter.

 This will clear the message and your equipment will operate normally.


4.     Where do I call if I want to order supplies or have any questions about our postage equipment?

  Contact us by:

      Phone:  806-866-2266 / 915-781-7355 / 888-578-8577

Fax:  806-866-2268 (Reference Supply Order Form included with the installation packet)




5.     How do I change my ink cartridge?

  DO NOT REMOVE the cartridge without following the procedure described in the user manual.


6.     What is my Neopost invoice for?

  The Neopost invoice is an annual or semi-annual bill for your meter rental.


7.     Who do I contact for questions about my Neopost, Advanced Business or Leasing invoice?

  Neopost:  Fax your invoice to our office at 806-866-2268 with a short note explaining your question then call us at 806-866-2266 / 915-781-7355 / 888-578-8577 and we will assist you.

  Advanced Business:  Call us at 806-866-2266 / 915-781-7355 / 888-578-8577 and we will answer your questions.

  Leasing:  The leasing vendor will supply contact information.


8.     After my initial equipment lease down payment where do I send my future equipment lease payments?

  The leasing vendor will supply you with payment and address information.


9.     What is the Federal ID# for Neopost, Advanced Business and the Leasing Company?

  Neopost:  #94-2984524

  Advanced Business:  #27-0419159

  Leasing Company:  The leasing vendor will supply this information.


10.  How do I cancel my old postage equipment contract?

  Lease Contract Settlements

Please refer to the settlement request process letter and form included in the installation packet.

This will explain the settlement and equipment return process.


To cancel your rental agreement and have your old equipment picked up; provide a written notice of cancellation to your previous vendor.


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