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IS/IM-350 Desktop Mailing System 

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NEOPOST/HASLER IS/IM350 Growing businesses count on smart productivity tools to keep their offices running smoothly. The Neopost/Hasler Intelligent Solution 350 Desktop Mailing System is a powerhouse professional that makes it simple to weigh, rate, post and track your mail with accuracy. Easy to operate and convenient to use, the highly capable IS/IM-350 with whisper-quiet operation is designed to integrate smoothly into your office environment and process mail efficiently. With its state-of-the-art technology and online services you can be sure to have the best in class solution to meet your demanding needs. Ľ Fast, Accurate Weighing and Rating Ľ Automatic Postal Rate Downloads Ľ Customizable Slogans and Printed Messages Ľ Easy Ink Management Ľ Integrated Envelope Moistener Ľ Monitor, Track and Control the Online Generation

FAST, ACCURATE WEIGHING AND MAILING  Fast, accurate weighing and rating. Using Differential Weighing, simply place all your mixed weight mail on the weighing platform, remove an envelope and the correct rate is calculated. The IS/IM-350 is as ready as you are. With Smart Start technology, each time an envelope is removed from the weighing platform the powerfeeder starts and is ready to process mail.

WEIGHING YOUR COSTS HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER  Donít be confused by postal rates. Let the IS/IM-350 Rate Wizard give you a hand so you donít have to be a postal expert. Whatever rate you need, the Intelligent Solution 350 will help you figure it out. Plus, youíll enjoy hassle-free postal rate changes as they are automatically downloaded ensuring simplicity, accuracy, and compliance. And, save even more time by eliminating keystrokes when you select the mail class you need from the Rate Shortcuts menu. From single envelopes to larger packages, youíll have the flexibility you need to weigh and manage your mail with ease.
GIVE THE RIGHT IMPRESSION  Promote customer relations with printed messages that enhance the professional look of your organization. Select advertising slogans, or simply customize a text message to reinforce the communication to your customers. Your imprint will be crisp and clear as well as fully USPS compliant printing the latest technology, the smaller IBI Lite, 2-D barcode. Even your mail class die is set and embedded to automatically print the correct class so you can be sure to save time and costs.
DON'T RUN OUT OF INK   Managing ink couldnít be easier. The IS/IM-350 uses a long-life cartridge and prints a smaller indicia barcode, IBI Lite, optimizing ink yield and minimizing replenishment. Plus, with the Intelligent Solution 350 you will receive a Low Ink E-mail Alert so you can be sure your mail keeps moving. And thanks to the Click ní Snap design, changing ink cartridges has never been easier.
SEAL AND SECURE YOUR MAIL AUTOMATICALLY  With the integrated envelope moistener, you can be sure to deliver tightly secured mail with a tip-to-tip seal. And the IS/IM-350 saves you even more time with its easy-access reservoir thatís designed for efficient removal for easy fill, no spill and quick cleaning.
MONITOR, TRACK AND CONTROL THE ONLINE GENERATION  Neopost/Hasler Online Services give you greater control over your mailing system and postal expenditures. Intelligent Solution 350 is connected to help you manage your operations more efficiently. Donít run out of ink with Low Ink E-mail Alerts and simplify ink cartridge re-ordering. Enjoy the hassle-free automatic postal rate change downloads that ensures youíre compliant with the latest USPS postal rates. If you have accountable mail, why not use eConfimation & eCertified services to track mail and receive status email alerts? With convenient online access, you can even monitor and track postage, mail class, and department usage.


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